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Winmax Brakes

Winmax Performance Brake Pads

Winmax are one of the largest performance brake manufacturers in Japan and are similar in quality to Endless, with slightly different braking characteristics to mainstream European manufacturers. Winmax brake pads use exotic blends of materials to achieve great performing brake pads that have low pad and disc wear. The Winmax pad range give improved modulation throughout the pedal stroke and will last two to three times longer than their rivals. Winmax make performance brake pads for Ralliart and TRD and are fast becoming a race winning brake pad in European the WRC, WEC, WTCC and many other motorsport events.

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Winmax Sport Brake Pad Compounds (W1 / W2 / W3)

The W1 & W2 compounds are designed for people who drive their car harder than the average consumer on the roads, producing very little dust and noise. The fade rate is much more consistent, predictable, and will not fall apart unlike the OEM brake pads. The Winmax W3 is a dual purpose pad designed for people who drive their cars on the road and also take them on trackdays. This pad compound gives great bite from cold and increased high temperature stability.

Winmax Sport brake pads: friction co-efficient vs temperature

Winmax Race Brake Pad Compounds (W3 / W4 / W5 / W6 / W6.5 /W7 / WN3)

These brake pad compounds from Winmax are designed for trackdays as well as circuit race, hillclimb and rally car use. These pads give high friction levels across a wide temperature band whilst maintaining Winmax's signature low wear rates. Most of the race pad range require a working temperature above 50c so caution is advised for daily drivers whilst the pads get warmed up.

Winmax Race brake pads: friction co-efficient vs temperature

Winmax Endurance Brake Pad Compounds (WE1 / WE2 / WN1 / WN2)

These Winmax endurance race pads are focused on offering great pad longevity. The Winmax WE1 is for endurance races lasting up to 3 hours. The WE1 endurance compound materials excel against brake fade while retaining great stopping power and control throughout its use. The Winmax WE2 is suitable for endurance events of over 6 hours. It offers a consistant brake performance that is slightly less aggressive than the WE1 at high temperatures to maximise pad and disc life over the race event.

Winmax Endurance brake pads: friction co-efficient vs temperature

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