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PBS - Performance Brake Solutions

PBS - Performance Brake Solutions

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Who are PBS Brakes?

Performance Brake Solutions otherwise known as PBS Brakes is a UK manufacturer of high quality and affordable race brake pads. PBS Brake pads are suited for fast road and trackday cars as well as fully developed race cars.. Where PBS has a distinct advantage over other manufacturers is the testing that is done on each car to make sure the pad compound is exactly what the customer needs.

Performance Brake Solutions supports a number of MSA championships; notably the Civic Cup Championship, and leading drivers in the KTEC Clio Championship too. PBS have been accurately tested within a range of competitive racing series in Europe to show case their advantages.

What are the benefits of PBS brakes

PBS race brake pads are designed for the tough track environment. The compounds are tailored specifically for each car model. They are also an extremely competitive price vs other brands. The PBS brake compounds are designed to give plenty of pedal modulation, helping you to apply your brakes smoothly. They work at high temperatures and have extremely good bite. The pads also use special backing plates - Nucap NRS technology.

There are two main compounds in the PBS brake pad range. The PBS ProRace series and PBS ProComp

ProRace brake pads are a ceramic graphite material. It has great initial bite, excellent braking control and feel with powerful stopping power between 0.36 to 0.58mu. The ProRace compound is used in many race series with great results including race wins and overall championships it is also the compound of choice for many track day users. These race brake pads have a working temperature between 0 - 800 degrees centigrade.

PBS ProComp braking compound is again also a ceramic supermetal material. This compound has milder initial bite than the ProRace pads and has excellent pedal control and feel. Stopping power is between 0.40 to 0.48mu depending on temperature. Use the ProComp for wet conditions or for race series that have to use a low grip tyre. Its also suited for the undriven wheels on FWD cars where you do not want the brakes to lock.

What is Nucap NRS?

The Nucap NRS is hundreds of tiny steel hooks on the backing plate. These hooks create a permanent bond with the friction material and massively reduces any risk of the friction material separating from the backing plate. You can run the pads to their limits without concern of pad failure. NRS has earned the reputation of being “bulletproof” in its resistance to shear loads, corrosion and heat.

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