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Peugeot 406 - KAAZ 1.5 Plate LSD

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  • • Suitable For All Forms Of Motorsport
  • • Suitable For Trackdays
  • • Smooth Locking & Stable Drivability
  • • Improves Traction when cornering

The Kaaz LSD is a 1.5 way plate type limited slip differential for the Peugeot 406 models fitted with the BE1/5 or BE3 5 speed gearboxes. Suitable for all types of motorsport; an LSD will give you more traction, stability, and higher cornering speeds. The 1.5 way LSD is optimised to give maximum traction during acceleration. It is smoother and more stable when braking or decelerating, making it easier to drive than a 2 way Diff. An overhaul kit is available for servicing your Kaaz LSD. An LSD is one of the most important modifications to a performance car. The main improvement is traction. When accelerating, cornering hard or in muddy and slippery conditions if one wheel spins, an LSD will redistribute torque to maintain grip.

As the vehicle enters the corner under deceleration or braking, the diff. will control the yaw and stabilise the car. On a FWD car this will massively reduce lift-off-oversteer. When cornering hard the inside wheel can lift and spin. A factory (OEM) open differential will transfer power to the spinning wheel whereas an LSD will distribute torque to the outside to turn the nose of the vehicle into the bend. As the vehicle exits the bend additional torque is given to the outside tyre pulling the vehicle in with more power oversteer and less natural understeer.

For a more detailed guide to how an LSD works click here

Additional Information

Item Weight N/A
Car Marque N/A
Model Part Number DBE2010
Car Model 406
Engine Capacity 1.8, 2.0 (BE 5 Speed Gearbox)
Application Trackday and Race
Year of Manufacture -
OEM Gear Ratios N/A
Product Gear Ratios N/A
TUV Certification Race Use Only

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