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HEL Performance

HEL Performance

HEL Performance

HEL Performancespecialise in the manufacture of all stainless steel automotive hoses for cars and motorcycles. HEL Braided hoses are only supplied with stainless steel fittings so they are fully resistant against corrosion and deteriation in looks.

HEL Performance Braided lines are used in Moto GP, WSBK, BSB, IOM TT, NW200, BTCC, Ginetta Cup, Mini Cup – The same parts are used on HEL Performance road kits as well. Stainless Steel Lines, Stainless Steel Fittings, Stainless Steel Bolts.

HEL Performance Braided Brake Lines

HEL Performance Braided Brake Lines do not expand when the brakes are applied. This gives a far improved and inspiring pedal feel and easier modulation of your brakes. The stainless steel braid also protects the hoses from damage from debris that may be flicked up by the tyres. The PVC outer coating enhances the hoses visually as well as making the lines simpler to keep clean.

Hel Performance Brake Lines - Alfa Romeo Hel Performance Brake Lines - citroen Hel Performance Brake Lines - Ford Hel Performance Brake Lines - Mazda Hel Performance Brake Lines - Peugeot Hel Performance Brake Lines - Renault Hel Performance Brake Lines - subaru Hel Performance Brake Lines - toyota Hel Performance Brake Lines - Volkswagen (VW)

HEL Performance Fuel Injector Lines

Hel Performance Fuel Injector Lines - Volkswagen (VW)

HEL Performance Clutch Lines

Hel Performance Clutch Lines - mazda

HEL Performance Oil Drain Lines

Hel Performance Oil Drain Lines - Mitsubishi

HEL Performance Oil Feed Lines

Hel Performance Fuel Injector Lines - Volkswagen (VW)

HEL Performance Oil Cooler Lines

Hel Performance Oil Cooler Lines - renault

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