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Ferodo Racing Performance Brake Pads

KAM Racing are a UK Dealer for Ferodo racing brake pads with fast delivery to the UK and worldwide. Ferodo Racing offer high performance and competition brake pads. The Ferodo brake range has a great selection of compounds which means theres a Ferodo race pad available for most cars whatever the usage. Ferodo also supply brake pads for aftermarket brake calipers such as AP Racing, Alcon, Brembo Wilwood and many others. The Ferodo race brake pads are available in several compounds to suit different driving conditions and driver preference.

Click below on the links to find a Ferodo race brakepad for your car, or scroll down to read about the different compounds in the range.

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Ferodo Brake Pad Compounds

Ferodo DS Performance

For those seeking a replacement road brake pad, which has the feel of a racing brake pad compound but the refinement of a premium OE brake pad material, the Ferodo DS Performance range is the ideal choice. Ferodo have designed the DS Performance brake pad compound to combine many of the characteristics found in a pure racing material (high friction, absence of fade) but at the same time have R90 compliance, improved cold performance, reduced disc wear and noise.

Ferodo DS2500

Ferodo's DS2500 is a high performance track day and fast road brake pad. The DS2500 is also suitable for some light duty front and many rear pure race applications offering excellent refinement for such a high performance pad. The Ferodo DS2500 compound works best at lower temperatures. Many of our customers use them for road use. They work on track on light cars or those with huge brake pads and discs where brake temperatures are kept to a minimum. They also work very well at the back of the car to keep brake balance when upgrading the front pads.

Ferodo DS3000

DS3000 is the Ferodo Racing compound of choice for many drivers. It has contributed to countless wins and podium positions in many Touring car, rally & GT championships around the world. These pads really need some temperature to work at their best so use these for high speed tarmac rally and circuit driving.

Ferodo DS1.11

Ferodo DS1.11 race 'ceramic' pad compound does not decompose at high temperatures and even works when cold. This means you won't experience brake fade even at the highest temperatures a brake pad could ever see. The DS1.11 brakes also have excellent pad life and are the longest lasting pads in the Ferodo Racing range. These Ferodo competition pads have a very consistent friction level from cold up to race temperatures so you can be confident of the performance no matter how hot they are. The Ferodo DS1.11 is probably the most versatile race brake compound in the Ferodo competition range and will work on any car in any discipline. Due to the more aggressive bite we tend to fit DS2500 to the rear to restore brake balance. The pads are kind on discs too so suited to Endurance racing and trackday events where high millage is expected.

Ferodo DSUNO

DSUNO is the latest heavy duty racing material from Ferodo Racing. It has replaced the Ferodo DS2.11 and is already race proven in GT, touring car, Formula & rally. This pad has been designed to provide a high friction output, and increased pad and disc life. The Ferodo DSUNO needs more heat to get up to working temperature but it is a bit more aggressive in braking friction than the Ferodo DS1.11. For most trackday drivers we think the DS1.11 is better, though for race use the speeds on track are likely to be much higher and therefore better pad temperatures are expected.

Ferodo 4003

The Ferodo 4003 is a compound that was specifically developed for lighter cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula VW, Formula Renault, Formula Campus) and occasionally for Rally use.

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