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CL Brakes

CL Brakes Performance Brake Pads

CL Brakes is the new name for Carbone Lorraine race brake pads. Their brake pad compounds are made from pressed and formed metallic powders that give exceptional and consistant braking power in all conditions and temperatures. The CL Brakes brake pad compounds are designed to suit the needs of the modern race driver and are used at the highest levels of motorsport,. The superior pedal feel will inspire confidence allowing precision braking consistently lap after lap.

CL Brakes offer a number of different compounds to suit your required setup and brake balance. To view the entire CL Brakes catalogue click here. If you know the padshape you need you can also browse by part number.

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The CL Brakes RC5+ has a moderate friction level (friction coefficient of μ=0.4) making it extremely versatile . Its perfect for cars running road spec tyres allowing high power braking without accidently locking the brakes. The CL Brakes RC5+ can be used in low grip situations such as mud, gravel, snow etc or when you have too much bias on an axle, for example to stop the rear brake discs locking under heavy braking.. CL Brakes RC5+ brake pads give low noise, low dust and disc wear and work well in low temperature conditions.


The CL Brakes RC6 is the most popular motorsport compound and is used in all disciplines - from rallying to circuit. The CL Brakes RC6 is the ultimate all rounder at a great price and works well with motorsport tyres to give far superior braking than rival brands. The RC6 brake pad compound has a very flat friction curve, maintaining its braking balance during the race. The friction coefficient of μ=0.5 gives a inspiringly firm pedal and better modulation compared to organic brake pad compounds. Pad and disc wear is lower once up to temperature


CL Brakes RC6E pads have a similar braking coefficient to the CL Brakes RC6 (μ=0.46 vs μ=0.5) but has an extremely low wear rate. The CL Brakes RC6E is ideal for endurance racing or for teams on a budget where the brake pads will be required to last not just a few events but a whole race season!


CL Brakes RC8 brake pad compound has the highest friction level in the CL Brakes range.(μ=0.6). The CL Brakes RC8 pad compound is used in top level motorsport such as WTCC, WRC and NASCAR. The -R version is a grooved pad to give extra cooling to the braking system. This brake pad compound is best for high powered vehicles that put high demands on their brakes, giving shorter braking distances, no brake fade and again a flat torque curve from cold to extreme temperatures.

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