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The Coronavirus outbreak continues to affect our communities and day to day life here in the UK. On the 23 March the UK Government announced that shops selling non-essential items should close to help limit the spread of COVID-19, but that online retailers such as ourselves could continue to sell and deliver to consumers confined to home. We have managed to adapt so that we can keep open whilst in this unsettling time.

Our courier networks are all currently running, though some delays may occur due to the limited workers. Currently we’re seeing no significant disruption for UK deliveries, and we aren’t getting any reports of problems from these carriers. If your item is being delivered outside the UK, these seem to be experiencing some delays. As many of the manufacturers we supply have either closed or are on a limited workforce, there may be stock shortages on certain product lines. If you are after parts urgently contact us via phone or email to confirm availability

Currently we are not accepting visits from the public to enable us to maintain social distancing. This means all orders will be have to be shipped to you. The latest guidance is that there is a very low risk of Coronavirus transmission from parcels, so to keep your risk minimal use sensible precautions when receiving parcels – e.g. wash your hands after opening and dispose of packaging and be mindful of social distancing when receiving parcels.

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