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Ferodo Brake Pads - Renault Clio Mk3 RS197, RS200

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The Ferodo DS2500 and DS1.11 are the two most popular high performance brake pads in the Ferodo range for the Renault Clio RS197 and RS200 Renaultsports. The Ferodo DS2500 works as a great fast road brake pad. Its a little lightweight for pure track use so for trackday cars fit the DS1.11 up front with its superior braking consistency over a large temperature range and either DS1.11 or DS2500 at the rear.

These Ferodo brake pads are for the Renault Clio Mk3 Renaultsport models, the RS-197 and RS-200. The Ferodo DS2500 and DS1.11 are some of the best fast road and trackday pads for the Clio RS. The DS1.11 work as a race brake pad but we also recommend the CL Brakes RC6 as a better alternative with more bite than the DS1.11 and the Winmax W5 as a long lasting endurance race brake pad..

These Ferodo Racing brake pads are suitable for fitment to the Renault Clio Mk3 2.0 16v RS-Mk3 RS-197 and RS-200 models.

Ferodo race brake pads are available in several compounds. Compound choice depends upon application and driver preference. The Ferodo DS2500 is the only pad compound which should be used on the road as this works from lower temperatures. We recommend that both front and rear brake pads are changed to keep a consistent brake balance from the original setup. For rally cars where the rear brakes run cool, use a pad suited for lower temperatures.

  • Renault Clio Mk3 2.0 16v RS-197 - 197 PS (145 kW; 194 hp) - 2006 onwards
  • Renault Clio Mk3 2.0 16v RS-200 - 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) - 2009 onwards

Competitor Reference for FCP1667 Renault Clio Mk3 RS-197/200 front brake pad:

  • Brembo - P68036
  • Mintex - MDB2725
  • CL Brakes - 4098
  • Pagid - 8023
  • PFC - 7871-07-16-44

Competitor Reference for FCP541 Renault Clio Mk3 RS-197/200 rear brake pad:

  • Brembo - 07.8301.17 / P68024
  • CL Brakes - 4038
  • EBC - DP680
  • FMSI - D306 / D340
  • Hawk - HB271 0,635 / HB364 0,642
  • Mintex - MDB1382
  • Pagid - 1158
    • ▪ Consistent (medium) coefficient of friction upto all but the highest temperatures
    • ▪ Low noise / low dusting
    • ▪ Long pad life
    • ▪ Kind on discs
    • ▪ Race pedal feel

    Ferodo DS Performance

    The Ferodo DS Performance range brings all the knowledge and experience, from building up the Ferodo racing pedigree, over to tuning road orientated cars. For those seeking a replacement road brake pad, which has the feel of a racing brake pad compound but the refinement of a premium OE brake pad material, the Ferodo DS Performance range is the ideal choice. Ferodo have designed the DS Performance brake pad compound to combine many of the characteristics found in a pure racing material (high friction, absence of fade) but at the same time have improved cold performance, reduced disc wear and noise.

    • Designed specifically for road use
    • Road style refinement - low noise
    • Excellent disc life
    • High friction coefficient (0.46 average)
    • R90 compliant (EU standard for road pads)

    Ferodo DS2500

    Ferodo DS2500 is a high performance track day and fast road brake pad. The DS2500 is also suitable for some light duty front and many rear pure race applications offering excellent refinement for such a high performance pad. The main characteristics of the Ferodo DS2500 range are:

    • Race Road, Track day & light race use for all vehicle types
    • Road style refinement - low noise
    • Ability to withstand heat with good pad life and friction coefficient.
    • Average friction coefficient of 0.42 over working temperature range of 20°-500°C

    Ferodo DS3000

    DS3000 is the Ferodo Racing compound of choice. If your car is a dedicated track car fit this. It will need a few corners to get up to temperature but has a greater bite than the DS2500. It has contributed to countless wins and podium positions in many Touring car, rally & GT championships around the world. The main characteristics of the Ferodo DS3000 are:

    • Heavy duty all-round material choice
    • Short bedding time
    • Multiple applications including touring car, rally, Group N, single seat, hill-climb
    • Average friction coefficient 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-650°C

    Ferodo 4003

    The Ferodo 4003 range is specifically developed for lighter cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula VW, Formula Renault, Formula Campus) and occasionally for Rally use. The main characteristics of 4003 are:

    • Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-450°C
    • Very short bedding time
    • Excellent bite
    • Low drag & Excellent release
    • Offers control to avoid wheel lock when downforce reduces

    Ferodo DS1.11

    DS1.11 is the Ferodo Racing Ceramic Pad compound. The uses a special compound called Siloxanes. Unlike carbon based materials, siloxane chains do not decompose at high temperatures allowing the Ferodo DS1.11 to work up to the highest temperatures. The DS1.11 won't fade and has excellent life, the best in the Ferodo Racing range. Braking Performance remains the same throughout the pad's life. It is formulated to provide a very flat friction profile at a medium/high level of friction. The pad material offers great modulation as compression is very low so pedal travel is short and consistent. The main characteristics of Ferodo DS1.11 are:

    • Heavy duty endurance material
    • Applications - touring car, GT, single seat
    • Average friction coefficient 0.46 over working temperature range of 200°-700°C
    • Long life
    • Very kind to discs

    Ferodo DSUNO

    Ferodo DSUNO is the latest heavy duty racing material from Ferodo Racing and is suited to endurance racing. It has replaced DS2.11 and is already race proven in GT, touring car, Formula & rally. The DSUNO range is high friction yet still gives drivers a long pad and disc life with excellent modulation and consistency of the brake pedal. The latter means the risk of wheel lock is significantly reduced without any loss of braking output. This is the ultimate feel-good pad.

    • Heavy duty semi-endurance material
    • Applications - touring car, GT, single seat, rally
    • Average friction coefficient 0.48 over working temperature range of 200°-700°C
    • Very controllable torque output
    • Very kind to discs
    • Long life
    Ferodo racing temperature chart Ferodo racing temperature chart

    Additional Information

    Manufacturer Ferodo
    Model Part Number Front: FCP1667 Rear: FCP541
    Car Marque Renault
    Car Model Clio Mk3 2.0 16v RS-197/200
    Year of Manufacture 2006 onwards
    Brake Compound Ferodo Racing: DS2500, DS3000, DSUNO, DS1.11, 4003
    TUV Certification -

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    DS 1.11 are excellent streetable pads Review by Clark
    I just installed these pads with the Brembo HC discs. Amazing bite over the DS2500 pads I had on last time, and they work immediately from cold. I cannot wait to track these pads and see how they hold up! (Posted on 27 July 2017)
    DS1.11 Review by Peter
    DS1.11's are an excellent pad, a big improvement over DS2500's which are in turn a great improvement over the OEM pads. (Posted on 28 February 2017)

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