We've been asked a lot recently about tow straps and why we do not sell the coloured OMP tow straps that are on eBay. The reason for that is they are all fakes. OMP only make them in red so any other colour is fake, pure and simple.

If you have bought a genuine OMP Strap it will come in the black box with the OMP logo, wrapped in the plastic bag as in the picture. If it does not then question the seller.

Now I could bleat on about safety and whether by using fake parts you are X% more likely to die but we really do not know how good they are. Its supposed to be a part you can trust. They need to be the right material and to be stitched correctly so your track car can safely be pulled out a gravel trap. This requires a lot of force and a component failure could mean the tow cable shoots off wildly. The genuine OMP straps may not be the cheapest but you can be assured that they can do the job time and time again.

ยป OMP Tow Straps

OMP Genuine Tow Strap