My first drive in a GT86 was full of hilarious, tail happy action. The driving position is excellent, the electric steering well weighted, the wire throttle responsive. This, combined with the short, crisp gear change, makes the car fun, rewarding and involved. A useable 200bhp, Michelin Primacy tyres, eagerness to rev, low centre of gravity and an agile chassis - the car feels ready to play – all the time! Our Sprinter Trueno AE86 has a winning formula of RWD, weighing less than a tonne, a quality manual transmission and great handling. Is the GT86 it’s (slightly lardier) spiritual successor? I’d say yes.

So I’ve just picked up my own this morning and over the next few months I’ll document the changes I make to the car – if I can stop driving it.

3 Hours Later........

It was bound to happen.. but this quick? Yes, We've taken it apart in the workshop to see what makes the GT86 tick! With the wheels and the underbody trays all off, it’s a great opportunity to give the car a good coating of Corrosion Block and ACF-50. Both of these form a water repellent barrier that can protect for up to 18 months and is safe to use on the electrics as well halting any existing corrosion or oxidisation on metals. Surprisingly there were a few patches of light surface rust on suspension components with areas of exposed metal, but these two fluids will make stop it getting any worse. Just after we finished – it started to rain – so the car went back together ready for another drive .